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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Drain approximately 3.0 L (3.2 US qt, 2.6 Imp qt) of coolant. Engine Coolant > REPLACEMENT

3. Lower the vehicle.

4. Remove the air intake duct. Air Intake Duct > REMOVAL

5. Disconnect the radiator inlet hose from the radiator.

6. Remove the reservoir tank. Reservoir Tank > REMOVAL

7. Disconnect the connector (A) from the radiator main fan motor and the connector (B) from the radiator sub fan motor.

8. Release the claw (A) on the radiator upper side, and incline the top of the radiator fan & fan motor assembly to the engine side.

9. Remove the radiator fan & fan motor assembly from vehicle body.

Radiator fan and fan motor assembly

1. RADIATOR MAIN FAN AND RADIATOR MAIN FAN MOTOR1. Install the radiator main fan motor to the radiator fan shroud.Tightening torque:3.9 N·m (0.4 kgf-m, 2.9 ft-lb)2. Install the radiator main fa ...

Other materials:

1. Clean the mating surface of intermediate case and transmission case.2. Face the O-ring side of the CVTF filter to the intermediate case side, and install the CVTF filter.NOTE:Apply CVTF to the O-rings.3. Install the O-ring to the transmission case.NOTE:• Use new O-rings.• Apply CVTF t ...

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