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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Shift the select lever or gear shift lever to neutral.

2. Release the parking brake.

3. Disconnect the ground cable from battery.

4. Lift up the vehicle.

5. Remove the rear wheels.

6. Drain differential gear oil. Differential Gear Oil > REPLACEMENT

7. Remove the rear exhaust pipe.

2.5 L model

Rear Exhaust Pipe > REMOVAL

3.6 L model

Rear Exhaust Pipe > REMOVAL

8. Remove the heat shield cover.

9. Remove the propeller shaft. Propeller Shaft > REMOVAL

10. Loosen the self-lock nuts which hold the rear differential to rear crossmember.

11. Remove the DOJ of rear drive shaft from rear differential using ST or tire lever.


For the T-type, use the ST.

For the VA-type, use the tire lever.

When removing the DOJ from the rear differential, fit the tire lever or ST to the bolts as shown in the figure so as not to damage the side retainer.







Tire lever



12. Set the rear differential to transmission jack.

13. Remove the mass damper. (2.5 L OUTBACK model)

14. Remove the rear differential front member.

15. Remove the self-locking nuts which hold the rear differential to the crossmember.

16. Pull out the rear differential stud bolt from rear crossmember bushing.


When removing the stud bolt from the rear crossmember bushing, carefully adjust the angle and location of transmission jack and jack stand, if necessary.

17. Lower the transmission jack.

18. Pull out the rear drive shaft from the rear differential.


If it is difficult to pull out the rear drive shaft from rear differential, use the ST for T-type and the tire lever for VA-type.


If a circlip is attached to the removed rear drive shaft for VA2-type, remove the differential case assembly and replace it with a new part.

19. Lower the transmission jack.

20. Secure the rear drive shaft to rear lateral link using wire.

21. Remove the rear differential member plate from rear differential.


Rear differential member plate (2.5 L OUTBACK model)


Rear differential member plate

Rear differential (t-type)

1. SIDE GEAR BACKLASHAdjust the side gear backlash. Rear Differential (T-type) > ASSEMBLY2. HYPOID DRIVEN GEAR BACKLASHAdjust hypoid driven gear backlash. Rear Differential (T-type) > ASSEMBLY3. TOO ...

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