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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Lift up the vehicle, and then remove the front wheels.

2. Remove the nut - axle.


Do not loosen the nut - axle while the front axle is loaded. Doing so may damage the hub unit COMPL.

(1) Lift the crimped section of the nut - axle.

(2) Remove the nut - axle using a socket wrench while depressing the brake pedal.

3. Remove the disc brake assembly. Front Disc Brake Assembly > REMOVAL

4. Remove the disc rotor. Front Disc Rotor > REMOVAL

5. Remove the bolts, and remove the front ABS wheel speed sensor.

6. Remove the hub unit COMPL - front axle.


Do not get closer the tool which charged magnetism to magnetic encoder.

Be careful not to damage the magnetic encoder.


Housing ASSY - front axle


Hub unit COMPL - front axle


Magnetic encoder


Back plate - front brake


If it is hard to remove, use the ST.

Preparation tool:

ST1: AXLE SHAFT PULLER (926470000)


Front hub unit bearing

1. Install the hub unit COMPL to the ST securely.Preparation tool:ST: HUB STAND (28099PA080)2. Using a press, press new bolts - hub until their seating surfaces contact the hub unit COMPL.NOTE:Use the ...

Other materials:

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