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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Lift up the vehicle, and then remove the rear wheels.

3. Remove the nut - axle.


Do not loosen the nut - axle while the rear axle is loaded. Doing so may damage the hub unit COMPL.

(1) Lift the crimped section of the nut - axle.

(2) Remove the nut - axle using a socket wrench while depressing the brake pedal.

4. Remove the sensor assembly - headlight beam leveler. (Model with auto headlight beam leveler) Rear Height Sensor > REMOVAL

5. Remove the lateral link assembly - rear. Rear Lateral Link > REMOVAL

6. Remove the rear disc rotor. Rear Disc Rotor > REMOVAL

7. Remove the rear drive shaft assembly. Rear Drive Shaft > REMOVAL

8. Remove the lateral link assembly - front.

(1) Remove the snap pin (a) and nut (b).

(2) Remove the ball joint from the housing assembly - rear axle.


Use a tool appropriate to the structure, and be careful not to damage the boot of the joint while removing. The boot may be damaged depending on the tool used.

Preparation tool:

Tie-rod ball joint puller

9. Remove the housing assembly - rear axle.


Be careful of the weight of the housing assembly - rear axle.

Be careful not to damage the spline portion of the drive shaft.

(1) Remove the bolts, and disconnect the upper arm and trailing link.

(2) Remove the housing assembly - rear axle.

10. Refer to “Rear Hub Unit Bearing” for removal of the hub unit COMPL - rear axle. Rear Hub Unit Bearing > REMOVAL

Rear axle

1. BUSHING - REAR AXLE HOUSINGDo not remove the housing assembly - rear axle because the bushing - rear axle housing cannot be replaced. If it is removed, replace the housing assembly - rear axle.2. B ...

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