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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Remove the combination meter assembly. Combination Meter > REMOVAL

3. Remove the center grille assembly. Center Console > REMOVAL

4. Remove the heater control assembly. Center Console > REMOVAL

5. Remove the audio assembly or navigation assembly. Audio > REMOVAL

6. Remove the GPS antenna assembly.

(1) Disconnect the GPS antenna assembly connector on the audio unit or navigation unit side, and tie a string to the connector.


A string makes operation easier during installation.

For the model with telematics, also tie a string to the connector on the data communication module side.

(2) Remove the screw and harness clamp, and pull out the GPS antenna assembly from the combination meter side.

Model without telematics

Model with telematics

(3) When the GPS antenna assembly is pulled out, remove the string attached to the connector in step (1).

Gps antenna

CAUTION:After installing the center grille assembly, check that the air vent grille of the center grille assembly is inserted correctly into the air vent duct.1. Install the GPS antenna assembly.2. In ...

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