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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal


1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Remove the bumper face - front. Front Bumper > REMOVAL

3. Remove the light assembly - head. Headlight Assembly > REMOVAL

4. Remove the cover - front fender UPR.

(1) Remove the clip.

(2) Release the claws by pulling them forward, and remove the cover - front fender UPR.


Forcibly removing the part may cause creases.

5. Remove the mud guard - front. Mud Guard > REMOVAL

6. Remove the side garnish assembly. Side Garnish > REMOVAL

7. Remove the cover - fender LWR.

8. Remove the cover - A pillar assembly.

9. Remove the fender COMPL - front.

Front fender

1. FENDER PANELCAUTION:• After installing the fender COMPL - front, be sure to perform headlight beam adjustment.• Install the bumper face - front so that the front end of the under cover ...

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1. CLUTCHSymptomsPossible causeCorrective action1. Clutch slippageIt is hard to perceive clutch slippage in the early stage, but pay attention to the following symptoms.• Engine temporarily speeds up when the accelerator ON immediately after shifting.• High-speed driving is not possible; ...

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