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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal


The hood COMPL - front is heavy. When removing and installing it, always work in a team of two or more persons.

1. Open the hood COMPL - front.

2. Remove the stay assembly - front hood.


Do not remove the stop ring completely. Raise it to the position enough to remove the ball stud.

(1) Gently push the stop ring against the ball stud to be raised with a flat tip screwdriver.

(2) Pull the stay assembly - front hood toward you, and remove the stay assembly - front hood from the ball stud.

3. Remove the nut on the hood COMPL - front side, and remove the hood COMPL - front.

4. Remove the hinge COMPL - front hood from the body.


The hinge COMPL - front hood cannot be removed with the fender COMPL - front attached. Therefore, remove the fender COMPL - front beforehand.

Front hood

NOTE:Adjustment should be performed on the fender COMPL - front, lock assembly - front hood and buffer - front hood, because adjustment cannot be performed on the hinge COMPL - front hood.Adjust the c ...

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