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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal


Remove the clips and detach the side garnish assembly.


1. Remove the clips and detach the side garnish assembly.


Double-sided tape


Garnish ASSY rear door


Side sill garnish ASSY


Garnish ASSY front door


Garnish ASSY rear quarter

2. Remove the garnish assembly - door and the garnish assembly - rear quarter.

(1) Attach the protective tape to the periphery of the garnish.

(2) Heat the garnish section for 3 — 5 minutes at 40°C — 60°C (104°F — 140°F) using a heat light or a drier.


Be careful not to burn yourself.

(3) Separate the bonded part of double sided tape with a nylon cord or equivalent.

(4) Release the clips, and remove the garnish assembly.

Side garnish

1. SEDAN MODELCAUTION:Make sure that there is a gasket attached on the clip of the garnish assembly. If a gasket is not attached, water leakage may occur.Install the side garnish assembly.2. OUTBACK M ...

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