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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Lift up the vehicle, and then remove the front wheels.

2. Remove the ball joint.

(1) Extract the cotter pin (a) from the ball stud.

(2) Remove the castle nut (b).

(3) Extract the ball stud from the front arm (c).

(4) Remove the bolt securing the ball joint to the housing assembly - front axle.


Use a tool appropriate to the structure, and be careful not to damage the boot of the joint while removing. The boot may be damaged depending on the tool used.

Preparation tool:

Tie-rod ball joint puller

(5) Extract the ball joint from the housing assembly - front axle.

Front ball joint

1. Check that there is no play by moving the upper and lower portions of front tire in an axial direction with the brake pedal depressed.• Play exists > Replace the ball joint. Front Ball Joint ...

Other materials:

Control screen and audio panel
Control screen No. Function 1 Perform the SXM setting. See below. Refer to "SXM setting" 2 Search for a channel which the direction of higher frequency from current frequency. Reproduce the channel that can receive by 5 seconds ...

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