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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal


Place “NO OPEN FLAMES” signs near the working area.


Be careful not to spill fuel.

Catch the fuel from the tubes using a container or cloth.

If the fuel gauge indicates that two thirds or more of the fuel is remaining, be sure to drain fuel before starting work to avoid the fuel to spill.


Fuel pump assembly consists of fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel level sensor.

1. Release the fuel pressure. Fuel > PROCEDURE

2. Drain fuel. Fuel > PROCEDURE

3. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

4. Remove the rear seat cushion. Rear Seat > REMOVAL

5. Remove the service hole cover of fuel pump.

6. Disconnect connector (A) from the fuel pump, and move aside the service hole cover.

7. Disconnect the quick connectors of fuel delivery tube and fuel sub delivery tube.


Disconnect the quick connector as shown in the figure.



8. Remove the nuts which hold the fuel pump upper plate to the fuel tank.

9. Remove the fuel pump assembly from the fuel tank.


Be careful not to let the arm and float of fuel level sensor contact the fuel tank.

Fuel pump

1. Check that the fuel pump has no deformation, cracks or other damages.2. Connect the battery positive terminal to terminal No. 5 and the battery ground terminal to terminal No. 6, and inspect the fu ...

Other materials:

1. Install O-ring (A), O-ring (B), and backup ring (C) to the pressure regulator.NOTE:• Use new O-rings.• Apply gasoline to the O-ring and backup ring.2. Install the pressure regulator to the fuel filter assembly.3. Install O-ring (A), spacer (B), and fuel pump harness (C) to the fuel pu ...

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