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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Lift up the vehicle.

3. Disconnect the connector (A) of the front oxygen (A/F) sensor.

4. Remove the clip (B) securing the front oxygen (A/F) sensor harness. (LH side only)

5. Apply spray-type lubricant (004301003) or equivalent to the threaded portion of front oxygen (A/F) sensor, and leave it for one minute or more.

6. Remove the front oxygen (A/F) sensor.


When removing the front oxygen (A/F) sensor, wait until exhaust pipe cools, otherwise it will damage the exhaust pipe.

RH side

LH side

Front oxygen (a f) sensor

1. Check that the front oxygen (A/F) sensor has no deformation, cracks or other damages.2. Measure the resistance between front oxygen (A/F) sensor terminals.Terminal No.Standard3 and 42.0+0.42 &minus ...

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