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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Remove the V-belts. V-belt > REMOVAL

2. Remove the crank pulley. Crank Pulley > REMOVAL

3. Remove the chain cover. Chain Cover > REMOVAL

4. Remove the timing chain assembly. Timing Chain Assembly > REMOVAL

5. Remove the crank sprocket (A).

Crank sprocket

1. Check the crank sprocket teeth for abnormal wear and scratches.2. Make sure there is no free play between crank sprocket and key. ...

Other materials:

Lubrication methodForced lubricationOil pumpPump typeTrochoid typeNumber of teethInner rotor7Outer rotor8Outer rotor diameter - Thicknessmm (in)76 - 30.2 (2.99 - 1.19)Performance(Oil temperature 80°C (176°F))600 r/minDischarge pressurekPa (kg/cm2, psi)98 (1.0, 14)Discharge rateL (US qt ...

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