Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Remove the trunk trim panel assembly - side (sedan model) or rear floor mat (OUTBACK model).

Sedan model: Trunk Room Trim > REMOVAL

OUTBACK model: Remove the rear floor mat and the spacer - rear floor mat.

3. Lift up the vehicle, and then remove the rear wheels.

4. Remove the bolts and nuts, and lower the lateral link assembly - rear.

(1) Remove the nut and disconnect the rear stabilizer link.

(2) Remove the bolts from the lower side of rear shock absorber assembly.

(3) Disconnect the lateral link assembly - rear.

5. Remove the nut of shock mount - rear.

6. Remove the rear shock absorber assembly.

Rear shock absorber

1. Before assembly, check each part. Rear Shock Absorber > INSPECTION2. Using a coil spring compressor, compress the coil spring - rear.CAUTION:When installing the coil spring compressor to the coil ...

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WARNING  Before beginning work on or near any battery, be sure to extinguish all cigarettes, matches, and lighters. Never expose a battery to an open flame or electric sparks. Batteries give off a gas which is highly flammable and explosive.  For safe ...

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