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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Lift up the vehicle, and then remove the rear wheels.

2. Remove the trailing link.

(1) Remove the bolts, and remove the bracket - parking brake cable (a) from the trailing link.

(2) Remove the bolts and nuts, and then remove the trailing link.

Rear trailing link

1. BUSHING A - TRAILING LINK1. Before assembly, inspect the following items and replace any faulty part with a new one.• Perform visual check for damage or bend on the trailing link.• Visu ...

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Tether anchorage location
Legacy Three tether anchorages are installed on the rear shelf behind the rear seat head restraint. Open the cover flap to use each anchorage. Outback For left seat  For center seat  For right seat Three tether anchorages, i.e., ones for the right, center and left ...

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