Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Lift up the vehicle, and then remove the rear wheels.

3. Remove the rear sub frame assembly. Rear Sub Frame > REMOVAL

4. Remove the bolts, then remove the rear upper arm assembly from the rear sub frame assembly.

Upper arm

CAUTION:• For parts which are not reusable, always use new parts.• Always tighten the bushing when the arm is positioned in the state where the vehicle is at curb weight and the wheels are ...

Other materials:

1. Place the dish plate, driven plate, drive plate and retaining plate neatly in this order on surface table.NOTE:Make sure of the direction of dish plate.2. Set the dial gauge to retaining plate, and read its scale.NOTE:The value, which is read in the gauge at this time, is zero point.3. Scale and ...

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