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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal


Refer to keyless transmitter for model without keyless access with push button start. Keyless Transmitter > REMOVAL



To prevent static electricity damage to the access key printed circuit board, touch the steel area of building with hand to discharge static electricity carried on body or clothes before disassembling the access key.

1. Push the lock button and remove the mechanical key from the access key.

2. Insert a flat tip screwdriver end wrapped with insulating tape etc. into the slit (a) of the access key to open the case.

3. Insert a flat tip screwdriver wrapped with insulating tape, and while holding the upper side of the battery (a), remove the battery (a) from the case.

1. ACCESS KEY BATTERYMeasure the access key battery voltage.Preparation tool:Circuit testerNOTE:Complete the measurement within 5 seconds because the battery discharges during measurement.Battery term ...

1. ACCESS KEY BATTERYInstall each part in the reverse order of removal. ...

Other materials:

1. Move the pad - brake pedal in a horizontal direction with a force of approx. 10 N (1 kgf, 2 lbf), and check that the pedal deflection is in the range of specifications.CAUTION:If excessive deflection is noted, replace with a new bushing.Deflection of brake pedal:Wear limit: 5.0 mm (0.197 in) or l ...

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