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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Replacing lost transmitters

If you lose a transmitter or want to purchase additional transmitters (up to four can be programmed), you should reprogram all of your transmitters for security reasons. For details, contact your SUBARU dealer and have the transmitters programmed into the remote keyless entry system.

Operating the transmitter
NOTE The remote keyless entry system will not be activated when the key is inserted in the ignition switch. Transmitter  Lock/arm button  Unlock/disarm button  Trunk lid ...

Certification for remote keyless entry system
U.S.-spec. models FCC ID: CWTWB1U811 FCC ID: CWTWD1U848 CAUTION FCC CAUTION Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void ...

Other materials:

WARNING:Place “NO OPEN FLAMES” signs near the working area.CAUTION:Be careful not to spill fuel.1. Release the fuel pressure. Fuel > PROCEDURE2. Open the fuel filler lid and remove the fuel filler cap.NOTE:This operation is required to release the inner pressure of the fuel tank.3. Remo ...

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