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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Safety precautions

  •  Bulbs may become very hot while illuminated. Before replacing bulbs, turn off the lights and wait until the bulbs cool down. Otherwise, there is a risk of sustaining a burn injury.
  •  For models with HID low beam headlights, observe the following precautions. Not doing so carries the risk of an electric shock that could result in serious injury because the HID bulbs use an extremely high voltage.
  •  Do not replace any headlight bulbs (both low beam and high beam) by yourself.
  •  Do not remove/restore the headlight assemblies by yourself.
  •  Do not remove any headlightassembly components by yourself.

For replacement, contact your SUBARU dealer.


CAUTION Replace any bulb only with a new bulb of the specified wattage. Using a bulb of different wattage could result in a fire.
Bulb chart

Bulb chart
NOTE Lights A, B, C, D, E and F are the LED (Light Emitting Diode) type. Consult your SUBARU dealer for replacement. ...

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1. DIODECAUTION:There is the possibility of damaging the diodes if a mega-tester (used to measure high voltages) or a similar measuring instrument is used. Never use a mega tester or equivalent for this test.1. Check for continuity between the diode lead and terminal E or B. If continuity is not as ...

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