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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Seatbelt maintenance

To clean the seatbelts, use a mild soap and lukewarm water. Never bleach or dye the belts because this could seriously affect their strength.

Inspect the seatbelts and attachments including the webbing and all hardware periodically for cracks, cuts, gashes, tears, damage, loose bolts or worn areas.

Replace the seatbelts even if only minor damage is found.

  •  Keep the belts free of polishes, oils, chemicals and particularly battery acid.
  •  Never attempt to make modifications or changes that will prevent the seatbelt from operating properly.
Unfastening the seatbelt
Push the release button of the center seatbelt buckle (on the left-hand side) to unfasten the seatbelt. Insert a tongue plate or other hard pointed object into the slot in t ...

Front seatbelt pretensioners
The driver's and front passenger's seatbelts have a seatbelt pretensioner. The seatbelt pretensioners are designed to be activated in the event of an accident involving moderate to severe frontal ...

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