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Press the HOME button to display home screen.

Selecting a function menu



AUDIO Select to display the main screen of the audio source that was selected previously.
PHONE Select to display the hands-free function using your cell phone.

Refer to "Hands-free phone system" .

APPS Select to display the functions linked with a smartphone. Refer to "SUBARU STARLINK"  26.
SETTINGS Select to display the functions for performing various settings.

Refer to "Unit settings" .

Selecting an audio source
Press the AUDIO/TUNE knob. Select the desired source. Example: Source select screen NOTE  If the audio control screen appears, select the "Source" key on the audio sc ...

Unit settings
Sound quality adjustment, screen adjustment, and information of the audio unit are displayed.  Press the HOME button on the audio panel.  Touch the "SETTINGS" key.  Select t ...

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