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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Service mode (models without "keyless access with push-button start system")

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Starting and operating / Remote engine start system (dealer option) / Service mode (models without "keyless access with push-button start system")

In service mode, the remote engine start function is temporarily disabled to prevent the system from unexpectedly starting the engine while being serviced.

To engage or disengage service mode:

  1.  Enter the vehicle and close all vehicle doors and the rear gate/trunk lid.
  2.  Verify that the select lever is in the "P" position (CVT models)
  3.  Depress and hold the brake pedal
  4.  Turn the ignition switch to the "ON" position
  5.  Press and release the remote engine start transmitter " " button three times.

    The system will honk the vehicle's horn each time the button is pressed.

  6.  The system will pause for 1 second then honk the vehicle's horn three times to indicate that the service mode has been engaged or honk one time to indicate that the service mode has been disengaged.

NOTE When taking your vehicle in for service, it is recommended that you inform the service personnel that your vehicle is equipped with a remote engine start system.

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