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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Shock sensors (dealer option)

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Keys and doors / Alarm system / Shock sensors (dealer option)

The shock sensors trigger the alarm system when they sense impacts applied to the vehicle and when any of their electric wires is cut. The alarm system causes the horn to sound and the hazard warning flashers to flash for a short time when the sensed impact is weak, but it warns of a strong impact or multiple impacts by sounding the horn and flashing the hazard warning flashers, both lasting approximately 30 seconds.

If you desire, your SUBARU dealer can connect them and set them for activation or deactivation.


  •  The shock sensors are not always able to sense impacts caused by breaking in, and cannot sense an impact that does not cause vibration (such as breaking the glass using a rescue hammer).
  •  The shock sensors may sense vibration like those shown in the following examples and trigger the alarm system. Select the settings of the alarm system and shock sensors appropriately depending on where you usually park your vehicle.


  •  Vibration from construction site
  •  Vibration in multistory car park
  •  Vibration from trains
  •  You can have the sensitivity of the shock sensors adjusted to your preference by your SUBARU dealer.
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