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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Sliding moonroof

"OPEN/CLOSE" switch

  1.  Open
  2.  Close

Press the rear side of the "OPEN/CLOSE" switch to open the moonroof. The sun shade will also be opened together with the moonroof. For Outback, the moonroof will stop at a position approximately 0.8 in (2 cm) away from the fully opened position.

Press the switch again to open the moonroof completely.

Press the front side of the "OPEN/CLOSE" switch to close the moonroof.

To stop the moonroof at a selected midway position while opening or closing it, momentarily press the front side or rear side of the switch.

After washing the vehicle or after it rains, wipe away water on the roof prior to opening the moonroof to prevent drops of water from falling into the passenger compartment.

NOTE For the sake of safety, it is recommended that you avoid driving with the moonroof fully opened.

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