Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Steering


2.5 L DOHC non-turbo

3.6 L DOHC non-turbo


Rack and pinion

Electric power steering

Turns, lock to lock


Minimum turning radius

m (ft)

5.6 (18.37)

Model2.5 L DOHC non-turbo3.6 L DOHC non-turboFrontMacpherson strut type suspensionRearDouble-wishbone type suspension ...

1. MTModel2.5 L DOHC non-turboTransmission type6MTClutch typeDSPDGear ratio1st3.5452nd1.8883rd1.2964th1.0295th0.8256th0.738Rev.3.636Reduction gear (front)Type of gearHypoidGear ratio4.111Transfer redu ...

Other materials:

Convenient grip (Outback)
CAUTION  Do not hang items on the convenient grip that weigh 6 lbs (3 kg) or more. Depending on the conditions of use (for example, in low temperatures, etc.), the rear gate may lower even with lighter loads. However, this is not a malfunction. Be careful ...

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