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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Switching power status

Switching power status

1) Operation indicator
2) Push-button ignition switch

The power status is switched every time the push-button ignition switch is pressed.

  1.  Carry the access key, and sit in the driver's seat.
  2.  Shift the select lever into the "P" position.
  3.  Press the push-button ignition switch without depressing the brake pedal. Every time the button is pressed, the power is switched in the sequence of "OFF", "ACC", "ON" and "OFF". When the engine is stopped and the push-button ignition switch is in "ACC" or "ON", the operation indicator on the push-button ignition switch illuminates in orange.

Power status

Indicator color


OFF Turned off Power is turned off.
ACC Orange The following systems can be used: audio and accessory power outlet.
ON Orange (while engine is stopped) All electrical systems can be  used.
Turned off (while engine is running)


  •  To prevent the vehicle battery from discharging, do not leave the push-button ignition switch in the "ON" or "ACC" position for a long time.
  •  To avoid a malfunction, observe the following precautions.
  •  Do not spill drinks or other liquids on the push-button ignition switch.
  •  Do not touch the push-button ignition switch with a hand that is soiled with oil or other contaminants.
  •  If the push-button ignition switch does not operate smoothly, stop the operation. Contact a SUBARU dealer immediately.
  •  If the push-button ignition switch does not illuminate even when the instrument panel illumination is turned on, have the vehicle inspected at a SUBARU dealer.
  •  If the vehicle was left in the hot sun for a long time, the surface of the push-button ignition switch may get hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.


  •  When operating the push-button ignition switch, firmly press it all the way.
  •  If the push-button ignition switch is pressed quickly, the power may not turn on or off.
  •  If the indicator light on the pushbutton ignition switch flashes in green when the push-button ignition switch is pressed, steering is locked. When this occurs, press the push-button ignition switch while turning the steering wheel left and right.

Battery drainage prevention function

When the push-button ignition switch is left in the "ACC" or "ON" position for approximately 1 hour, the push-button ignition switch will be automatically switched to "OFF" to prevent the battery from going dead. This function is activated when the select lever is in the "P" position

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