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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Telematics system (diagnostics)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Telematics system (diagnostics)

1. COMMUNICATION FOR INITIALIZING IMPOSSIBLECommunication error with SRF CMDETECTING CONDITION:• Defective harness connector• Power supply circuit malfunction• Defective SRF CM• ...

Basic diagnostic procedure procedure
STEPCHECKYESNO1.PERFORM CUSTOMER INTERVIEW.Using the Check List for Interview, ask the customer the condition of how the trouble occurred. Check List for Interview > CHECKDid you interview the custom ...

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Dtc b2a0d airbag signal
DIAGNOSIS START CONDITION:When ignition switch is ON.DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Either the regular signal or collision signal cannot be detected from the airbag CM for at least 2 seconds.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:• ACN function does not operate.• RED LED illuminates.WIRING DIAGRAM:NOTE:For the coupli ...

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