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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Telltale screen

Telltale screen

  1. Telltale screen

When the corresponding situation occurs, the following telltales will be displayed on the telltale screen.



Door open indicator
High beam assist indicator (green)
Engine low oil level warning indicator
BSD/RCTA warning indicator (if equipped)
BSD/RCTA OFF indicator (if equipped)
Steering responsive fog lights OFF indicator (if equipped)
High beam assist warning indicator (yellow)
Windshield washer fluid warning indicator

Hill descent control indicator (if equipped)
Icy road surface warning indicator
Access key warning indicator (if equipped)
RAB warning indicator (if equipped)
RAB OFF indicator (if equipped)
Sonar audible alarm OFF indicator (if equipped)
Basic screens
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Menu screens
Pull and hold the " /SET" switch to enter the menu screens when all of the following conditions are satisfied.  The vehicle has been completely stopped.  The select lever is in the ...

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