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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) (if equipped)

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / In case of emergency / Flat tires / Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) (if equipped)


Low tire pressure warning light

The tire pressure monitoring system provides the driver with the warning message indicated by sending a signal from a sensor that is installed in each wheel when tire pressure is severely low.

The tire pressure monitoring system will activate only when the vehicle is driven.

Also, this system may not react immediately to a sudden drop in tire pressure (for example, a blow-out caused running over a sharp object).

  •  If the low tire pressure warning light illuminates while driving, never brake suddenly. Instead, perform the following procedure.

    Otherwise an accident involving serious vehicle damage and serious personal injury could occur.

(1) Keep driving straight ahead while gradually reducing speed.
(2) Slowly pull off the road to a safe place.
(3) Check the pressure for all four tires and adjust the pressure to the COLD tire pressure shown on the vehicle placard on the door pillar on the driver's side.

If this light still illuminates while driving after adjusting the tire pressure, a tire may have significant damage and a fast leak that causes the tire to lose air rapidly.

If you have a flat tire, replace it with a spare tire as soon as possible.

  •  When a spare tire is mounted or a wheel rim is replaced without the original pressure sensor/transmitter being transferred, the low tire pressure warning light will illuminate steadily after blinking for approximately one minute.

    This indicates the TPMS is unable to monitor all four road wheels. Contact your SUBARU dealer as soon as possible for tire and sensor replacement and/ or system resetting.

  •  When a tire is repaired with liquid sealant, the tire pressure warning valve and transmitter may not operate properly. If a liquid sealant is used, contact your nearest SUBARU dealer or other qualified service shop as soon as possible.

    Make sure to replace the tire pressure warning valve and transmitter when replacing the tire. You may reuse the wheel if there is no damage to it and if the sealant residue is properly cleaned off.

    If the light illuminates steadily after blinking for approximately one minute, promptly contact a SUBARU dealer to have the system inspected.

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