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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: To set cruise control

Cruise control main button
Cruise control main button

  1. Press the cruise control main button.

Cruise control indicator
Cruise control indicator

The cruise control indicator on the combination meter will appear.

  1. Depress the accelerator pedal until the vehicle reaches the desired speed.

To set cruise control

  1. Press the "RES/SET" switch to the "SET" side and release it. Then release the accelerator pedal.

Cruise control set indicator
Cruise control set indicator

1) When setting the displayed unit as "MPH".
2) When setting the displayed unit as "km/h".

At this time, the cruise control set indicator appears in the combination meter. The set speed will be shown on the combination meter. You can change the displayed unit by operating the multi information display.

For details, refer to "Units" .

The vehicle will maintain the desired speed.

Vehicle speed can be temporarily increased while driving with the cruise control activated. Simply depress the accelerator pedal to accelerate the vehicle.

When the accelerator pedal is released, the vehicle will return to and maintain the previous cruising speed.

Cruise control
NOTE For models with EyeSight system: Refer to the Owner's Manual supplement for the EyeSight system. Cruise control enables you to maintain a constant vehicle speed without holding your foot on ...

To temporarily cancel the cruise control
The cruise control can be temporarily canceled in the following ways. Press the "CANCEL" button.  Press the X-mode switch to activate the X-mode (models with X-mode).  Depress ...

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