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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Touch screen gestures

Operations are performed by touching the touch screen directly with your finger.

Operation method


Main use

Touch Quickly touch and release once. Changing and selecting various settings
Drag* Touch the screen with your finger, and move the screen to the desired position. Scrolling the lists
Flick* Quickly move the screen by flicking with your finger. Scrolling the main screen page

*: The above operations may not be performed on all screens.

NOTE There may be a delayed response to flick operation that are performed at high altitudes.

Basic information before use
WARNING When the vehicle is stopped with the engine running, always apply the parking brake for safety. Failure to do so may result in loss of control of your vehicle and cause a ...

Touch screen operation
This system is operated mainly by the keys on the screen. When a screen key is touched, a beep sounds. You can set the beep sound. Refer to "Unit settings" . NOTE  If the system does ...

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