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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Touch screen operation

This system is operated mainly by the keys on the screen.

When a screen key is touched, a beep sounds. You can set the beep sound.

Refer to "Unit settings" .


  •  If the system does not respond to touching a screen key, move your finger away from the screen and touch it again.
  •  Grayed-out screen keys cannot be operated.
  •  The displayed image may become darker and moving images may be slightly distorted when the screen is cold.
  •  In extremely cold conditions, the screen may not be displayed correctly.

    Also, the screen keys may be less responsive than usual when pressed.

  •  When you look at the screen through polarized material such as polarized sunglasses, the screen may be dark and difficult to see. If so, look at the screen from different angles, adjust the screen settings or take off your sunglasses. Refer to "Unit settings" .
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