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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Towing

WARNING Never tow AWD vehicles with the front wheels raised off the ground while the rear wheels are on the ground, or with the rear wheels raised off the ground while the front wheels are on the ground. This will cause the vehicle to spin away due to the operation or deterioration of the center differential.


If towing is necessary, SUBARU recommends it be done by your SUBARU dealer or a commercial towing service.

Engine overheating
WARNING Never attempt to remove the radiator cap until the engine has been shut off and has fully cooled down. When the engine is hot, the coolant is under pressure. Removing the ...

Towing hook and tie-down hooks/holes
The towing hook should be used only in an emergency (e.g., to free a stuck vehicle from mud, sand or snow). A towing hook is supplied with Outback only. Legacy is not supplied with a towing hoo ...

Other materials:

1. REAR GATE PANELCAUTION:The panel - rear gate is heavy. When removing and installing it, always work in a team of two or more persons.1. Install the hinge - rear gate to the vehicle body.2. Temporarily install the panel - rear gate to the hinge - rear gate.NOTE:When installing, make sure that a un ...

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