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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Trailer towing tips

  •  For models equipped with the BSD (Blind Spot Detection) and RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert) driving support systems, when towing a trailer, press the BSD/ RCTA OFF switch to deactivate the system. The system may not operate properly due to the blocked radar waves. For details about the BSD/RCTA OFF switch, refer to "BSD/RCTA OFF switch" .
  •  For models equipped with RAB (Reverse Automatic Braking) system, consult your SUBARU dealer for additional information about towing a trailer.
  •  Never exceed 45 mph (72 km/h) when towing a trailer in hilly

Trailer towing tips

1) Left turn
2) Right turn

  •  Backing up with a trailer is difficult and takes practice. When backing up with a trailer, never accelerate or steer rapidly.

    When turning back, grip the bottom of the steering wheel with one hand and turn it to the left for a left turn, and turn it to the right for a right turn.

  •  If the ABS warning light illuminates while the vehicle is in motion, stop towing the trailer and have repairs performed immediately by your nearest SUBARU dealer.

Driving on grades

  •  Before going down a steep hill, slow down and shift into lower gear (if necessary, use 1st gear) in order to utilize the engine braking effect and prevent overheating of your vehicle's brakes. Do not make sudden downshifts.
  •  When driving uphill in hot weather, the air conditioner may turn off automatically to protect the engine from overheating.
  •  When driving uphill in hot weather, because the engine and transmission are relatively prone to overheating, pay attention to the following items.
  •  Temperature gauge
  •  AT OIL TEMP warning light (CVT models)
  •  If any of the following conditions occur, immediately turn off the air conditioner and stop the vehicle in the nearest safe location. Refer to "If you park your vehicle in an emergency"  and "Engine overheating" .
  •  Temperature gauge needle approaches the OVERHEAT zone. Refer to "Temperature gauge" .
  •  AT OIL TEMP warning light illuminates (CVT models). Refer to "AT OIL TEMP warning light (CVT models)" .
  •  For CVT models, do not use the accelerator pedal to stay stationary on an uphill slope instead of using the parking brake or foot brake. That may cause the transmission fluid to overheat.

Parking on a grade

Always block the wheels under both vehicle and trailer when parking. Apply the parking brake. You should not park on a hill or slope. If parking on a hill or slope cannot be avoided, you should take the following steps:

  1.  Apply the brakes and hold the pedal down.
  2.  Have someone place wheel blocks under both the vehicle and trailer wheels.
  3.  When the wheel blocks are in place, release the regular brakes slowly until the blocks absorb the load.
  4.  Apply the regular brakes and then apply the parking brake; slowly release the regular brakes.
  5.  Shift into 1st or reverse gear (MT models) or "P" (CVT models) and shut off the engine.
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In case of emergency

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