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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Transmission harness

1. Install the TCM.Tightening torque:7 N·m (0.7 kgf-m, 5.2 ft-lb)2. Install the harness connector to TCM.NOTE:Move the lock lever in the arrow direction, and confirm that a clicking sound is he ...

1. Remove the transmission assembly. Automatic Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL2. Remove the transmission case cover.3. Remove the air breather hose. Air Breather Hose > REMOVAL4. Remove the transmis ...

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• When performing any work, always wear work clothes, a work cap and protective shoes. Additionally, wear a helmet, protective goggles, etc. if necessary.• Remove contamination including dirt and corrosion before removal, installation, disassembly or assembly.• When performing a re ...

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