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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Turn signal indicator lights

These lights show the operation of the turn signal or lane change signal.

If the indicator lights do not blink or blink rapidly, the turn signal bulb may be burned out. Replace the bulb as soon as possible.

Refer to "Replacing bulbs" F11-40.

High beam indicator light

This light shows that the headlights are in the high beam mode.

This indicator light also illuminates when operating the headlight flasher.

High beam assist indicator (green) (if equipped)

This indicator appears when the high beam assist function is activated. For details about the high beam assist function, refer to "High beam assist function" .

High beam assist warning indicator (yellow) (if equipped)

This warning indicator appears when the high beam assist function malfunctions.

When this warning indicator appears, have your vehicle inspected by your SUBARU dealer

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