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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Type A

Climate control panel

  1. Fan speed control dial (Refer to "Fan speed control" .)
  2.  "A/C" button (Refer to "Air conditioner control" .)
  3.  Airflow mode selection button (Refer to "Airflow mode selection" .)
  4.  Air inlet selection button (Refer to "Air inlet selection" .)
  5.  Temperature control dial (Refer to "Temperature control"  and "MAX A/C mode" .)
  6.  Defroster button (Refer to "Airflow mode selection"  and "Defrosting" .)
  7.  Rear window defogger button (models without outside mirror defogger) (Refer to "Defogger and deicer" .)
  8.  Rear window and outside mirror defogger button (models with outside mirror defogger) (Refer to "Defogger and deicer" .)
Climate control panel

Type B
Temperature control dial (Refer to "Temperature control" .)  "AUTO" button (Refer to "Automatic climate control system (type B)" .)  "OFF" button (Refer to "Automatic climate ...

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NOTE:Before conducting this procedure, drain the engine oil completely.1. Remove the engine from vehicle. Engine Assembly > REMOVAL2. Remove the crank pulley. Crank Pulley > REMOVAL3. Remove the chain cover. Chain Cover > REMOVAL4. Remove the timing chain assembly. Timing Chain Assembly > REMOVA ...

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