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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Unit settings

Sound quality adjustment, screen adjustment, and information of the audio unit are displayed.

  1.  Press the HOME button on the audio panel.
  2.  Touch the "SETTINGS" key.
  3.  Select the items to be set.

Available setting:

  •  General settings: Select the tab to check the system software update information.

    Refer to "General settings" .

  •  Bluetooth settings: Select the tab to set the Bluetooth settings. Refer to "Bluetooth settings" .
  • Sound settings: Select the tab to set the sound quality settings. Refer to "Sound settings" .
  •  Display settings: Select to the tab set the screen settings. Refer to "Display settings" .
  •  SUBARU STARLINK settings (if equipped): Select to the tab set the SUBARU STARLINK settings. Refer to "SUBARU STARLINK settings" .
Selecting a function menu
Press the HOME button to display home screen. Item Function AUDIO Select to display the main screen of the audio source that was selected previously. ...

General settings
Touch the tab for the audio unit basic settings. Item Function System Language Select to change the language Button Beeps Select to set the sou ...

Other materials:

Basic inspection
1. VOLTAGE MEASUREMENT1. Using a voltmeter, connect the negative lead to a good ground point or negative battery terminal. Connect the positive lead to the connector or component terminal.2. Contact the positive lead of the voltmeter on connector (A). The voltmeter will indicate a voltage.3. Shift t ...

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