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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Using the phone switch/microphone

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Audio / Hands-free phone system / Using the phone switch/microphone

  • Steering switch

By pressing the steering switch, a call can be received or ended without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Using the phone switch/microphone

1) Volume control switch
2) Off hook switch
3) On hook switch

  •  Microphone

The microphone is used when talking on the phone.

Registering/connecting a Bluetooth phone
To use the hands-free system for cell phones, it is necessary to register a cell phone with the system. Refer to "Registering/ connecting Bluetooth device" Bluetooth phone condition disp ...

How to change the hands-free phone system
The phone (menu) screen can be used to make a phone call. To display the handsfree operation screen, press the HOME button and then select the "PHONE" key, or press the off hook switch on the ...

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