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Steering switch

Steering switch

1) Talk switch



Press Start the voice command system.
Press and hold Cancel voice recognition.



It is unnecessary to speak directly into the microphone when giving a command.


  •  Wait for the confirmation beep before speaking a command.
  •  Voice commands may not be recognized if:
  •  Spoken too quickly.
  •  Spoken at a low or high volume.
  •  The moonroof or windows are open.
  •  Passengers are talking while voice commands are spoken.
  •  The air conditioning speed is set high.
  •  The air conditioning vents are turned towards the microphone.
  •  In the following conditions, the system may not recognize the command properly and using voice commands may not be possible:
  •  The command is incorrect or unclear. Note that certain words, accents or speech patterns may be difficult for the system to recognize.
  •  There is excessive background noise, such as wind noise.
Voice command system
The voice command system enables the audio, hands-free phone system, etc. to be operated using voice commands. Refer to the "Command list"  for samples of voice commands. Voice commands ...

Voice command system operation
Press the talk switch on the steering wheel. After the voice command top screen has been displayed, speech guidance will commence. NOTE When the voice command mode is audio mode, voic ...

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