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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Vehicle dynamics control (vdc) (diagnostics)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Vehicle dynamics control (vdc) (diagnostics)

Transfer driven gear note
For removal, installation and inspection, refer to “CVT (TR580)” or “6MT” section.CVT (TR580) model: Transfer Driven Gear6MT model: Transfer Driven Gear ...

Basic diagnostic procedure procedure
CAUTION:Remove foreign matter (dust, water, oil etc.) from the VDCCM&H/U connector during removal and installation.NOTE:• To check the harness for open or short circuits, shake problem spot or c ...

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Dtc b2277 submerging circuit
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:When the water-submersion detection circuit integrated into the keyless access CM detects the water submersion.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:• The ignition can be turned ON, but cannot be turned OFF.• Engine will not start.CAUTION:For replacement procedure of keyless access CM, ...

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