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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Vehicle identification

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Specifications / Vehicle identification

Vehicle identification

1) Emission control label
2) Certification and bar code label
3) Tire inflation pressure label
4) Vehicle identification number plate
5) Model number label
6) Fuel label
7) Air conditioner label

Bulb chart
NOTE Lights A, B, C, D, E and F are the LED (Light Emitting Diode) type. Consult your SUBARU dealer for replacement. ...

Consumer information and Reporting safety defects
For U.S.A. The following information has been compiled according to Code of Federal Regulations "Title 49, Part 575". ...

Other materials:

1. Press in a new pilot bearing to the position where it is flush with the flywheel surface or up to 0.4 mm (0.016 in) deeper than that.CAUTION:Do not press the bearing inner ring.(A)Pilot bearing2. Temporarily tighten the crankshaft position sensor plate and flywheel.NOTE:Align the knock pin hole o ...

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