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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Instruments and controls / Warning and indicator lights

Several of the warning and indicator lights illuminate momentarily and then go out when the ignition switch is initially turned to the "ON" position. This permits checking the operation of the bulbs.

Apply the parking brake and turn the ignition switch to the "ON" position. For the system check, the following lights illuminate and turn off after several seconds or after the engine has started:

: Seatbelt warning light (The seatbelt warning light turns off only when the driver fastens the seatbelt.)

: Front passenger's seatbelt warning light (The seatbelt warning light turns off only when the front seat passenger fastens the seatbelt.)

: SRS airbag system warning light

ON / : Front passenger's frontal airbag ON indicator light

/ : Front passenger's frontal airbag OFF indicator light

/ : CHECK ENGINE warning light/ Malfunction indicator light

: Charge warning light

: Oil pressure warning light

: AT OIL TEMP warning light (CVT models)

/ : ABS warning light

: Vehicle Dynamics Control warning light/Vehicle Dynamics Control operation indicator light

: Vehicle Dynamics Control OFF indicator light

/ : Brake system warning light

: Hill Holder indicator light

: All-Wheel Drive warning light (CVT models)

: Power steering warning light

: Low tire pressure warning light (U.S. spec. models)

: Low fuel warning light

: Hill descent control indicator (if equipped)

: Automatic headlight beam leveler warning light (if equipped)

If any lights fail to illuminate, it indicates a burned-out bulb or a malfunction of the corresponding system.

Consult your authorized SUBARU dealer for repair.

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