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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Wheel and tire system

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Wheel and tire system

Electronic parking brake indicator light, hill hold indicator light do not come on
DETECTING CONDITION:Defective combination meterTROUBLE SYMPTOM:• When the ignition switch is ON (engine OFF), the electronic parking brake operation indicator light does not illuminate even when ...

General diagnostic table inspection
SymptomsPossible causeCorrective actionWheel is out of balance.Improperly inflated tireAdjust the tire pressure.Uneven wearCheck the tire referring to “Abnormal tire wear” in this table, c ...

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SRS seat cushion airbag operation
Driver's side  Passenger's side WARNING The SRS seat cushion airbag is designed not to deploy when the seatbelt for the corresponding seat is not fastened. For safety, all persons in the vehicle should fasten their seatbelts. The SRS seat cushion airba ...

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