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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Windows

WARNING To avoid serious personal injury caused by entrapment, always conform to the following instructions without exception.
  •  When operating the power windows, be extremely careful to prevent anyone's fingers, arms, neck, head or other objects from being caught in the window.
  •  Always lock the passengers' windows using the lock switch when children are riding in the vehicle.
  •  For safety reasons, always carry the key with you when leaving the vehicle and never allow an unattended child to remain in the vehicle. Failure to follow this procedure could result in injury to a child operating the power window.

The power windows operate only when the ignition switch is in the "ON" position.

Child safety locks
WARNING Always turn the child safety locks to the "LOCK" position when children sit on the rear seat. Serious injury could result if a child accidentally opens the door and falls ...

Power window operation by driver

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