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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Windshield washer

Windshield washer

To wash the windshield, pull the wiper control lever toward you. The washer fluid sprays until you release the lever. The wipers operate while you pull the lever.

Windshield washer fluid warning indicator

NOTE The windshield washer fluid warning indicator appears when the washer fluid level in the tank has dropped to the lower limit. If the warning indicator appears, refill the tank with fluid. For the tank refilling method, refer to "Windshield washer fluid" F11-32.

Wiper intermittent time control
When the wiper switch is in the " " position, turn the dial to adjust the operating interval of the wiper. The operating interval can be adjusted in several steps from the shortest interval ...

Rear window wiper and washer switch (Outback)
: Washer (accompanied by wiper operation) : Continuous : Intermittent : Off : Washer (accompanied by wiper operation) Rear wiper To turn the rear wiper on, turn the knob switch upward. ...

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