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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Windshield wiper blade rubber

Windshield wiper blade rubber

1) Support

  1.  Grasp the locked end of the blade rubber assembly and pull it firmly until the stoppers on the rubber are free of the support.

Windshield wiper blade rubber

1) Metal spines

  1.  If the new blade rubber is not provided with two metal spines, remove the metal spines from the old blade rubber and install them in the new blade rubber.

Windshield wiper blade rubber

  1. Align the claws of the support with the grooves in the rubber and slide the blade rubber assembly into the support until it locks

Windshield wiper blade rubber

1) Claw
2) Stopper

  1.  Be sure to position the claws at the end of the support between the stoppers on the rubber as shown. If the rubber is not retained properly, the wiper blade may scratch the windshield.
Windshield wiper blade assembly
NOTE Do not lower the wiper arm while the wiper blade assembly is removed.  Raise the wiper arm off the windshield. First raise the driver's side wiper arm and then raise the front pass ...

Rear window wiper blade assembly (Outback)
Raise the wiper arm off the rear window Turn the wiper blade assembly counterclockwise. Pull the wiper blade assembly toward you to remove it from the wiper arm. ...

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