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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Diagnostic procedure with diagnostic trouble code (dtc)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Keyless access with push button start system (diagnostics) / Diagnostic procedure with diagnostic trouble code (dtc)

Electrical specification
1. KEYLESS ACCESS CMTerminal No.ContentsMeasuring conditionStandard(i75) No. 1 ←> Chassis groundGroundAlways *1Less than 1 -(i75) No. 2 ←> 1Immobilizer signal reception (ignition switch)Wait ...

Dtc u0073 control module communication bus off
Detected when CAN line abnormality is detected.NOTE:Perform the diagnosis for LAN system. Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDURE ...

Other materials:

1. ROCKER COVER RHNOTE:When replacing a single part, perform the work with the engine assembly installed to body.1. When working on the vehicleNOTE:When working on the vehicle, perform the following steps also.(1) Remove the clip (A), and loosen the clamps (B) and (C) securing the air intake boot.(2 ...

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