Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Install the bulb and lens.


Use a dry clean cloth so that no grease or water adheres to the glass portion of the bulb.

2. Install the sun visor assembly.

3. Connect the ground terminal to battery sensor. NOTE

NOTE:• The vanity mirror light is integrated into the sun visor assembly. Replace the sun visor assembly if faulty. Sun Visor > REMOVAL• Do not remove the sun visor assembly if removing t ...


Other materials:

WARNING:Place “NO OPEN FLAMES” signs near the working area.1. PULSATION DAMPER RH1. Remove the collector cover.(1) Carefully pull up the rear of collector cover at two positions (A).(2) Carefully pull up the front of collector cover at two positions (B) while moving it forward.2. Release ...

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