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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Location

Main fuse box (M/B)

Rear defogger relay


Fuse 25 A (rear defogger)


Slow blow fuse (power window)


Fuse & relay box (F/B)

Fuse 7.5 A (remote control mirror)


Fuse 15 A (mirror heater, wiper deicer)


Fuse 20 A (power window main switch)


Fuse 30 A (power window main switch)


Fuse 20 A (power window sub switch)


Fuse 20 A (power window sub switch)


Fuse 20 A (power window sub switch)


Relay holder (R/H)

Power window relay


Wiper deicer relay


Mirror heater relay



For other related fuses, refer to the wiring diagram. Power Supply Circuit

Relay and fuse

1. CHECK FUSE1. Remove the fuse and inspect visually.2. If the fuse is blown out, replace the fuse.2. CHECK RELAY1. Check the resistance between relay terminals.Terminal No.Inspection conditionsStanda ...

Other materials:

1. Clean the mating surface of drive pinion retainer and converter case.2. Adjust the backlash and tooth contact between drive pinion shaft assembly and the front differential side gear. Drive Pinion Shaft Assembly > ADJUSTMENT3. Install O-rings in two locations to the converter case.NOTE:• U ...

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