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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Preparing to drive

You should perform the following checks and adjustments every day before you start driving.

  1.  Check that all windows, mirrors, and lights are clean and unobstructed.
  2.  Check the appearance and condition of the tires. Also check tires for proper inflation.
  3.  Look under the vehicle for any sign of leaks.
  4.  Check that the hood, trunk (Legacy) and rear gate (Outback) are fully closed.
  5.  Check the adjustment of the seat.
  6.  Check the adjustment of the inside and outside mirrors.
  7.  Fasten your seatbelt. Check that your passengers have fastened their seatbelts.
  8.  Check the operation of the warning and indicator lights when the ignition switch is turned to the "ON" position.
  9.  Check the gauges, indicator and warning lights after starting the engine.
  10.  Check that no small animals enter the engine compartment.
CAUTION Trapping small animals in the cooling fan and belts of the engine may result in a malfunction. Check that no small animal enters the engine compartment and under the vehicle before starting the engine.


  •  Engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid and other fluid levels should be checked daily, weekly or at fuel stops.
  •  When towing a trailer, refer to "Trailer hitch (Outback - if equipped)"  19.
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